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Profile of Mytilene Charity Institutions

The Mytilene Civil Hospital or Hotel is the only charitable Institution of old Mytilene and was the main Social Welfare institution in Lesvos during the Ottoman period. It is known today as "Charity Stores" and it is based in the town of Mytilene, opposite St Therapon Church, at 2 Karantoni Street.

The Civil Hospital has not been limited to the domain of Charity (treating the sick, helping the poor, elderly, and orphans). It has played an important role in the education and spiritual development of the place from 1844 onwards.

The first written text which was found in its now digitized archives dates from 1813.

With the financial support and help of the Hospital, the following were built:

  1. The General Hospital of Mytilene (“Bostanio”)
  2. The Holy Church of St Therapontos and the chapels of St Konstantinos and St Irini
  3. The Central High School of Mytilene
  4. "Komnenakeum" (University Library)
  5. "Parthenagogio" (The Girls' School)

The Mytilene Charity Institutions today is a non-profit private legal entity, managed by a ten-member Board of Director. The chair of the Board is Metropolitan of Mytilene Iakovos III and the members are our respected fellow citizens as well as representatives of the Scientific and Production classes. It employs 65 people as permanent, as well as seasonal staff. They carry out different duties in various places (nursing home, accounting office, secretariat, rural facilities).

Property of the Foundation

It consists of urban and rural real estate, which is exploited so as to ensure an income for the Foundation to continue its work.

Purposes of the Foundation

  • The Administration and maintenance of the "Agios Georgios Mytilini" Care Unit for the Elderly and the Chronically Ill.
  • The Maintenance and Administration of the "Andreou P. Katsakoulis" Women's Boarding School.
  • The maintenance and management of the A and B Cemeteries of Mytilene, St Panteleimonos, and St Kyriaki respectively.
  • The Independent Management Funds – Bequests of Nikolaos Mitrelias, Erifilis and Thrasyvoulos Archontopoulos – Vassiliou Kamba, Vostanis Educational Fund.
  • Scholarships for needy university students with outstanding academic record - Aid to the needy.


In the olive groves of the Foundation, cold-pressed olive oil of excellent quality is produced. It also runs a facility for the production of lambs, milk, and meat of lambs. See more on product page.