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Agricultural Facilities

The agricultural facilities of the institution are located in Kato Tritos, municipality of Evergetoulas, in the location "Metohi" and consist of forests, olive groves, mostly mountainous and scattered throughout the island, covering an area of about 7,500 hectares.

The objective of the Board is the gradual development of the agricultural property of the institution, social cohesion and environmental protection with the help of European funds, which will increase revenues and at the same time create new jobs.

The establishment of an agro tourism unit, the improvement of the financial viability of the institution and the link with the current agricultural cultivation (olive cultivation, livestock) will create new jobs and enhance the area and local income.

The livestock unit for the production of milk and lambs operates with respect for the environment and aims to ensure excellent living conditions of the animals, the mechanization of the unit and their healthy diet, since a significant part of the animal food is produced on the lands of the institution.