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The first wing of the Nursing Home was founded on January 30th 1938 from the ever memorable Archbishop of Mytilene Iakovos from Dyrachio, big benefactor of Lesvos island, and the expenses were covered in total by the Mytilene Charity Institutions. Its purpose was to help poor and incompetent to work people of the city with a capacity of 34 beds.

Η μονάδα Φροντίδας Ηλικιωμένων και χρονίως πασχόντων ατόμων "ο Αγιος Γεώργιος Μυτιλήνης"

The second wing of the Nursing Home was founded in 1960 by the Archbishop of Mytilene, Iakovos from Sisanio and Siatista, Chairman of the Charity Institutions. It was completed in 1968 (expenses were covered again in total by the Institutions). The second wing has a capacity of 54 beds.

Great benefactors that contributed to the completion of the two wings were: Nikolaos Mitrelias, Odysseus Antoniadis, Ioannis Michelis and Nikolaos Petropoulos.

The third wing was founded in 1990 by the Archbishop Iakovos Frantzis, Chairman of Administrative Council of the Mytilene Charity Institutions. The expenses of this luxuries construction were undertaken by the Institutions.
The new wing has capacity 26 beds and brings the total capacity of the Home to 114 beds.

Η εκκλησία του Γηροκομείου

Big benefactors of the wing are the Koutsogianni brothers that contributed the sum of 18 millions Drachmas. The Prefectoral fund of our Prefecture, 12 millions and various other donors the sum of 25 millions.
It is widely known nowadays that our Home for the Aged offers first class services to its inmates providing roof, food, medical and pharmaceutical care and psychological support.



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