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2, Karantoni str., Lesvos island :: Greece, TK-81100 :: +30-22510-28518


Rural Installations
The main product that is produced is the HIGH QUALITY olive oil which is sold in private individuals or wholesalers countrywide and abroad...
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The Institution resides in privately-owned offices in Mytilene (2, Karantoni rd.), the capital of Lesvos island in Greece. They own and have in their monitoring:

@ The Home for the Aged and chronically suffering people "Saint George".
@ The Foundations (Bequests):
     Georgiou Vostani
     Nikolaou Mitrelia
     Vasileiou Kampa
     Eriphillys Archontopoulou
     Thrassyvoulou Archontopoulou 
     Apopostolou Simantiri
@ The A and B Cemetery Mitilini.

Mytilene Charity Institutions :: The Conference Room


The fortune of Institution has been acquired by heritages, bequests, donations or from according to Law 2508/1920 and N.D. of 25th February of 1926 fortune of the Institutions of the Christian Community of Mytilene during during the Ottoman occupation.
The existence of the Charity Institutions officially begin in1917 during the days of Archbishop Methodios with his large amount of work in the sector of Education, Health and Social Security. It is constituted by rural and urban real estates.


The Mytilene Charity Institutions, the Home for the Aged and the Foundations (Bequests) are managed by a 9 member Administrative Board in which chairs the Archbishop of Mytilene and high ranking Businessmen of the scientific and commercial sector and two reputable members of the Mytilene society.


The Archbishop of Mytilene Hon. Iakovos.

Members of the Board
The Chairman of Chamber of Commerce.
The Chairman of Lawyer's Association.
The Chairman of Medical Association.
The Chairman of Employees' Centre of Mytilene.
The Manager of the Agriculture Division.
One Representative of the Municipality of Mytilene.
Two reputable members of the Mytilene society, that are named from the Minister of Finance.


Currently the Mytilene Charity Institutions and the Home for the Aged employ 54 permanent employees, while they give seasonal work, on average, to 25 more people that work in the rural installations.

The Mytilene Charity Institutions reside in their own offices, in the heart of Lesvos island capital, Mytilene.

Our Honorable Donors

Aggeletos Charilaos
Antoniadis Theodoros
Archontopoulou Eriphilly
Archontopoulos Theodoros
Vamvouris Apostolos
Vamvouris Michael
Vostanis Efstratios
Vostanis Panagiotis
Vostanis Georgios
Galanopoulou Sofia
Grimanis Vasileios
Grimanis Apostolos
Gianellis Emmanouel
Kampas Vasileios
Kandili Olympia
Kariotis Dimitrios
Katsakouli Evanthia
Katsakoulis Panagiotis
Kapsimalis Kleon
Kapsimalis Panagiotis
Kokkonis Panagiotis
Kontofridis Nikolaos
Lafazanis Dimitrios
Madras Panos
Madras Petros
Meimaris Dimitrios
Manolaki or Chadjimanolaki Anna
Mirtsou Konstantina
Mitrelias Nikolaos
Mastrantonakis Dimitrios
Olympios Ioannis
Petropoulos Nikolaos
Simantiris Apostolos
Stathopoulos Iakovos
Sifneos Ioannis
Touloumdjoglou Irini
Chadjigeorgiou Panagiotis Zafiroudis
Chadjigeorgiou Dionora
Chlimidjas Panagiotis



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