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Saint George of Mytilene

The first ward of the Nursing Home of Mytilene was founded on January 30, 1938, by the late Metropolitan of Mytilene, Mr. Iakovos of Dyrrachion, a great benefactor of the island of Lesvos, and was completed with costs fully financed by the Mytilene Charity Institution. It served the treatment of the poor and disabled elderly people of our town and had a capacity of 30 beds.

In 1960, the second ward of the Nursing Home was founded by the Metropolitan of Mytilene, Mr. Iakovos of Sisaniou and Siatistis, the Chairman of the Board of the Charity Institution, and was completed in 1968. The costs were entirely covered by the Charity Institutions of Mytilene. The ward had the capacity of 54 beds.

In 1990, Ward C of the Nursing Home was founded by the Metropolitan of Mytilene and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lesvos Island Charitable Institution, Mr. Iakovos Frantzis.

The construction costs were covered by the Mytilene Charity Institution. The new ward has a capacity of 26 beds and is of luxurious construction, forming one with the other two already existing buildings. The current capacity of the home is 114 beds.

Great benefactors who contributed to the completion of the two wards of Mytilene Hospital were Nikolaos Mitrelias, Odysseas Antoniadis, Ioannis Michelis, and Nikolaos Petropoulos.

It is known nationwide that our nursing home currently provides high-level services to its elderly residents. It operates at 100% capacity and there are applications for admission still pending. The residents of the nursing home receive accommodation, meals, medical and pharmaceutical care, and psychosocial support.


6% of the total income of the Nursing Home is based on donations from our fellow citizens in Greece or abroad. This income is allocated to the Board of Directors to support the needs of the Nursing Home.

Those who would like to contribute to the strengthening of the elderly care department "SAINT GEORGIOS" and thus enable us to do more social work, can make their Donation on our site, call us at 22510-28518 or contact us by clicking on "Contact Us“.